Wear a MASK
Protection for YOU, your Co-Workers, your customers
and your FAMILY.

Mandatory Stand-Up Talk
April 21, 2020
Face covering and mask update. Cloth face coverings or masks are mandatory in support of local or state face covering directives or orders.
In addition, face coverings and masks are mandatory in all facilities where social distancing cannot be maintained.
April 21 SUT

Maryland State Face Covering Order
April 15, 2020

Washington Post April 1, 2020: "Peter Tsai, the materials scientist who invented the electrostatic charging technology that N95 masks — the highest-quality medical masks on the market — rely on, also believes that homemade masks are an important part of the United States’ battle against the coronavirus. Tsai recommended using car shop towels as mask material. The towels, available in rolls and often blue in color, would do a better job of filtering droplets than cloth, he said. The material is “very strong,” he said. “And it can be washed with soap and water and reused.”

Using blue shop towels in homemade face masks can filter particles 2x to 3x better than cotton, 3 clothing designers discover after testing dozens of fabrics


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