USPS Stand-Up Talks

August 27
Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave.
Understanding how leave impacts retirement and TSP deductions

August 20
Face covering and mask update
Important reminders

July 28
Hold Mail service reminders
Guidance during COVID-19 pandemic

July 2
Proper use of Voyager cards

June 5 SUT
Employee safety during public demonstrations

June 1 SUT
Essential Services During COVID-19 and Recent State and Local Civil Unrest
Three steps to work through government-imposed curfews and other travel restrictions

May 21 SUT
Supplier on-site COVID-19 procedures
CDC guidance remains in effect at all USPS facilities

May 18 SUT
COVID-19 test kits in the mail

April 21 SUT
Face covering and mask update

April 6 SUT
Additional CDC guidance
Cloth face coverings recommended in public settings

April 3, SUT
COVID-19 supplies — purchasing updates
Centralized support expanded for catalog ordering and local purchasing

April 3 SUT
Interacting with VMF Personnel

April 2 SUT
Taking leave during COVID-19
Families First Coronavirus Response Act guidance

April 1, SUT
NALC Food Drive

March 30 2020
Employee privacy — COVID-19
Protection and confidential handling of employee health information

March 30, SUT
Instructions on the delivery of Treasury Checks

March 28 SUT
Business closed — hold mail
Instructions on handling mail for temporarily closed businesses

March 28 SUT
Guidelines for interacting with HCR drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 27 SUT
Health and well-being remain a priority
Three steps to work through government-imposed travel restrictions

March 27, Maintenance Update
Using Bleach

March 26 SUT
Staying vigilant
Customer interactions for carriers

March 26 SUT
Temporary Expanded Use of Voyager Card

March 25 SUT
EAP is available 24/7

March 23 SUT
Operations continue
Health and well-being remains a priority

March 21 SUT
National coronavirus guidelines mailing

March 19 SUT
Customer Signature Service
COVID-19 Response and Prevention

March 18 SUT
Keeping your Vehicle Clean

March 18 SUT
Guidance on Social Gatherings

March 6 SUT
Flu and respiratory disease prevention