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Information for and about carriers and their offices in the Capital District

RCA Resigns rather than continue to be subjected to management bullying and abuse.  Germantown, Maryland

Service Talk March 2010: This service talk was given district wide during the last two weeks of March.  It mandates that  lunches be started no later than 12:30 and states that there will be a "renewed emphasis on matching workload to work hours".  The author is not known but the copy we obtained has the name of the district manager hand written on the document. 

An abandoned vehicle sits for weeks until a concerned customer intervenes with senate assistance.  Montgomery Village

Carriers are being given a form titled Carrier Expectation Worksheet. In this sample notice that the Hot Case, Depart to Route and First Delivery time are all the same.  Also notice that the last delivery time and the return to office time are 52 minutes apart, even though it takes only 4 minutes to travel back to the office from this point.  Many of the "worksheets" contain erroneous scan locations because the MSP points were never moved from route to route following MIARAP and IARAP adjustments.  There is no explanation for the multiple work functions due at the same time or the expanded travel return to office time.  These forms are being used differently in different offices.  In some offices they are distributed like flyers and in other offices they are being used to create a hostile work place.
See m01458 and DOIS Arbitration, November, 2009

If you work in the Capital district send information that may be included on this page to NALC Branch 3825 (Cap. Dist. Page)  PO Box 1398 Rockville, MD 20849 or e-mail:

Capital District management grants administrative leave for carriers who worked and who were unable to work on Saturday February 6 and Wednesday, February 10, 2010.  See MEMO.  The scope of the memo. was amended following it's release to include an ADDITIONAL 8 HOURS of administrative leave for anyone who reported to work on these dates but who was not able to work a full tour and for those working a full tour.  They will receive administrative leave for the balance of their tour on these dates AND 8 HOURS of ADMINISTRATIVE Leave to be used within 90 days.  This change in policy was reiterated in numerous telecons with local management and local management should consult their MPOO for any additional clarification, if needed.

FMLA Coordinator Address:
FMLA information is now required to be sent to the Human Resources Shared Services Center in Greensboro, NC, 1-877-477-3273, 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM, Eastern time Monday through Friday.  Address